Content_Promo_GIF_2It’s no secret that we create a lot of content here at HubSpot. We’ve got multiple blogs that publish daily and a library of 2,000 downloadable offers. 

To make sure we’re getting the most out of each of those pieces of content, we’ve ramped up our promotions, too. Through years of experimentation with promoting these lead generation offers, we discovered that offers with well-coordinated campaigns help us generate 72% more leads than offers with no coordinated campaigns tied to them.

Would you like to receive 72% more leads per offer you create? Well, you’re in luck! We go through the details of how to successfully coordinate a campaign to generate more leads in our new guide, The Comprehensive Guide to Content Promotion.

In this guide, you’ll discover that there are three phases to promoting your marketing content:

1) Before the launch. It’s important to pick a promotion date, and stick to it. That way you can plan and organize how you’re going to promote your content across multiple marketing channels. In this phase, it’s also important to optimize your content so you continue to see ROI from your efforts for years to come.

2) Launch day. The hardest part about the day you launch your lead generation offer will be coordinating all the moving pieces involved. In this phase, you’ll need to get social media, email, blogging, SEO, your website, and paid promotion all on the same page.

3) After the launch. Once you’ve launched your offer, you’re not done! It’s incredibly important to analyze and report on how well the offer performed after it has launched. That way you can determine what you should keep and what you should cut from future campaigns.

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Want more details about each of these phases? Check out our latest ebook, The Comprehensive Guide to Content Promotion. You can download it for free by clicking right here and send an auto-populated tweet about this ebook by clicking the Twitter-sized image below:

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How to Promote Your Content

What other tips do you have for promoting your lead gen content?

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