As an education marketer, have you struggled to create content to generate new leads and nurture those leads into your admissions funnel? If so, you’re not alone! Content creation is a common challenge for marketers and admissions representatives at schools, both at K-12 and higher education levels. You’re usually part of a small team and getting pulled in different directions. We get it! Here are four tips to help you make the most of existing content and use it to create new offers. 

1) Audit Current Content Offers

Audit your current content offers to determine pieces that have had the highest performance, looking at submissions and the number of leads that were generated. Is there a general topic or a type of offer that tends to perform better than others? For example, does content about careers tend to generate more form submissions than other content? Or, do your toolkits tend to drive more submissions than your tip sheets? Keep in mind, the content that performs best may differ depending on what stage of the decision process the prospective students or families are in. You can also look at content that is now outdated for inspiration. Your ebook on extracurricular activities might be driving a lot of conversions, but is woefully out of date. You could have an easy win by updating the ebook to reflect current extracurriculars, benefitting both you and your prospective students! 

2) Identify Your Most Popular Blog Posts

Similar to auditing your current content offers, audit your blog content to identify the blog posts that have driven the most views. Are there certain topics that tend to drive more views than others? Or, do you have certain blog formats that perform better than others (e.g. how-to posts, list posts, infographic posts, or featured student stories)? You can take three of your top blog posts on a particular theme and repackage them into an ebook offer. With a little editing, you’ll have a comprehensive resource from content you already created. 

3) Meet With Admissions

Meet with your admissions team to gather the most common questions and objections that come in from students and/or parents. Admissions members are speaking to students and parents every day. For example, are most of the questions they get around student life, living on campus, financial aid, or something else? Not only can you use this information to create content, they can use the content you create to nurture the prospective students and families they’re meeting with!

4) Pull Existing Resources Into a Package

Have you ever wondered what you should and shouldn’t gate behind a form? Have you received pushback about gating content? Let’s face it, if you’re not gating content behind forms, you’re losing opportunity to generate new leads. With that said, you still want to make sure it’s a substantial offer. If the offer is compelling, prospective students will want to fill out the form to receive the offer. Run through your most site pages and find different pieces of content, which may not be substantial enough to put behind a landing page alone, but that you can package with other resources in a new way to make it a substantial download. For example, do you have a two minute video from an admissions member, as well as an application FAQ page and an application tip sheet on the site? Package the three together to make an application toolkit!

There is a common theme with the tips in this post. You’re using content and resources you already have to create a downloadable offer! Knowing how busy you are, we’re all about saving you time. Choose one of the tips above and create a new offer, landing page, thank you page, and call to action button in the next few weeks!

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