Producing quality videos for your ecommerce site is hard, we know. Equipment is expensive, and specialists who know how to use that equipment cost even more. For that very reason, many ecommerce businesses will settle for photos and graphics just to get the job done.

These six statistics show that video might just be an investment worth making. Sure, you’ll have to dig a little deeper into those pockets at first, but the results will return more than you dreamed.

Video Appears in 14% of Internet Search Results

When consumers search for products like yours, 14% of the results could very well be product videos. If they’re not your videos, then you’ve lost a significant portion of the audience, haven’t you?

Google also says video campaigns will soon be grouped just like any other ad through AdWords. That means videos will soon be even more likely to show up in Google searches.

73% More Visitors Who Watch Product Videos Will Buy 

Did you know that your products are more likely to sell if you create videos for them? There are quite a few reasons for this, which we’ll cover in the next points. The most important thing to note, however, is simply that videos for your products do prompt more purchases. That’s really the biggest and most important statistic you need.

Almost 46% Will Showroom If Video Isn’t Available

Showrooming has been considered the bane of brick-and-mortar stores’ existence, but it can go the other direction, too. If you have buyers on your site who really want to see the products in action, they might drive to the nearest store. If they do that, you’re likely to lose that purchase. 

Instead of letting your buyers leave your site for any reason, give them videos so they can see your products in action.

71% of Consumers Think Video Explains the Product Better

When consumers feel like they understand the products you sell, they’re more likely to take a chance on spending their money. Video clears up a lot of that confusion. Isn’t that what your marketing is all about, anyway? Answering questions with quality content? 

57% Are Less Surprised By Products with Video

Those buyers who see the videos and understand what they’re buying are less likely to be surprised by the products when they arrive. As you might imagine, those consumers who are less surprised by their purchases also end up happier. And happy customers are less likely to return a product for a refund.

58% of Shoppers Think Companies with Product Videos Can Be Trusted

All of this adds up to trust. By providing product videos, you give buyers quality information that doesn’t hide behind good angles and lighting. They understand the products they’re ordering and are happier with their purchases. With every great transaction, you build more and more trust.

And a consumer who trusts your business is worth the investment you’ll make in product video production, isn’t it?

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