From checking Facebook over coffee to ordering the lunch via the Seamless app to replying to customer feedback on Twitter, so much of our world is powered by code. Most companies, even if they’re not in the software business, need some kind technology to help them successfully run their companies.

It’s those marketers who have a basic understanding of a coding language, like HTML, that have a huge opportunity to set themselves apart and drive real value for their businesses through impactful content and campaigns.

For startup marketers looking for simple tools and resources to make themselves an even more effective and efficient marketer, Flatiron School is teaming up with HubSpot next Wednesday to host a webinar that will help startups learn:

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  • How coding ability can be leveraged in digital marketing
  • What resources are available to marketers who want to learn to code
  • How can coding abilities can be advantageous within the HubSpot software

Want to tune in? Here are the details:

Who: HubSpot for Startups & Flatiron School

When: August 9th at 12 p.m. ET / 9 a.m. PT

Click Here

Click here to register for this live webinar.

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