2.4 million emails. 108,000 YouTube views. 50,000 Google searches. 10,000 tweets.

These numbers represent what goes down on the internet in just one second. I repeat, one second.

These days, the world spins too fast for formal, one-time marketing training. Our methods of communicating with each other are constantly evolving, and even while “content is (still) king,” the way we package and distribute that content is dramatically different than a few years ago.

Successful marketers have learned to make learning a part of their day job. They read, attend events, watch webinars, seek out mentors, and study their peers. It’s this type of continuous marketing training that enables teams with varied skill levels to work more effectively.

“A CMO of a successful company taking the time to re-learn the fundamental skills she requires of her team so she can communicate with them better is the embodiment of an ‘always be learning’ team culture,” explains Sarah Bedrick, Certifications Program Leader here at HubSpot.

So to help marketing teams navigate their options for continued marketing training and cultivate this type of culture, HubSpot Academy created The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Training.

The page organizes various types of marketing training based on how comprehensive they are, and by how expensive they are. For each training type, you can explore the pros and cons, dive into recommended resources, and discover hidden gems.

To find a marketing training that fits you and your team’s needs, check out the free guide here.

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