Audience targeting

An audience profile, on the other hand, is one fictitious person who you’re targeting with an upcoming campaign.

An audience profile also isn’t a buyer persona. A buyer persona is the final person who will ultimately purchase your product or service, but in many cases, you’ll want to market to anyone who can influence the final buyer.Continue Reading

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Watch any commercial break in full, it seems, and you’re almost guaranteed to see an ad for some sort of voice assistant device. In the past two months alone, Amazon, Facebook, and Google have all announced the release of either new or new versions of their own video smart speakers: voice-assistant-enabled devicesContinue Reading

13 Bright Ideas for Running Smarter Retargeting Campaigns

  According to retargeting platform AdRoll, only 2% of shoppers typically convert on their first visit to an online store. That’s a lot of people slipping through the cracks. What’s a marketer to do? Enter retargeting. Retargeting allows you to zero in on those 98% of visitors, giving them a second (and inContinue Reading

Traffic Zipper ~ When It Comes To Traffic It Pays To Work Smarter - Not Harder!

Hey readers, I’ve been using the autopilot feature at Traffic Zipper for the last few weeks and during that time I’ve been getting leads and making sales in my sleep The Simple System Developed By An Overworked, Time Crunched Traffic Guy That Had All His Friends Jealously Referring ToContinue Reading