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The goal is to show a different combination of titles and descriptions for different users depending on their unique queries and search history. Google will alternate between the titles and descriptions, showing 32,760 different versions of the ad. Then, the search engine will find the most effective title and description combination and use it the most often.Continue Reading

The feeling you get when you are standing at the top and then stumble and fall into the abyss is something no individual wants to experience. Similarly, no business owner/marketer wants to find out that their website has suddenly dropped down 10-15 rankings in the SERPs. However, people familiar with SEO know that it is […]Continue Reading

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There are two types of search advertisers: those who have failed and those who are going to.

At HubSpot, we embrace failure — it’s often an important step towards success. That being said, we don’t ever go out of our way to fall on our face. Instead, when attempting something new, we try as hard as we can to learn from others who had failed before us.

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