Have you ever looked around you — at your desk, your room, your car, your garage — and realized that the clutter has gotten out of control?

Don’t worry, we all have those moments.

Everyone has a unique relationship with their “stuff.” I, for example, have a drawer full of youth soccer jerseys I just can’t seem to part with. (I swear I’m going to make a T-shirt quilt out of them someday!) For a friend of mine, it’s mugs. She has like six of them on her desk at work. Who needs six mugs?

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And yet, I know plenty of people who are really good at “spring cleaning” — i.e., clearing out their unnecessary stuff in spontaneous purges. Sometimes, I wish I were brave enough to set them loose on my stuff to see what I could get rid of if I wasn’t so darn sentimental.

That makes me what the folks at QuickQuid call a “sentimental clutterer.” There are a few other types, including the folks who binge shop (who can resist a good sale?), those whose living spaces are filled with books, papers, and schoolwork, and so on.

What type of “clutterer” are you, and how is it affecting your life and work? If you’ve ever wondered where you might fall on the spectrum, take the flowchart quiz below from QuickQuid. It’ll help you identify your relationship with your stuff, and give you some quick tips for how to live a more balanced lifestyle. Banner
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