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With the stress of shopping off our backs until next year, we’re taking time to reflect on the success of some of this holiday season’s top advertisements.

This year, these brands mastered the art of crafting ads that evoked good cheer, the holiday spirit, and even some seasonal disgust.

While many of the best ads came from the U.K., where the holiday advertising season is their own version of the Super Bowl, others were more focused on making us laugh at the silliness of the season.

Check out some of our favorite festive ads of the year below.

The 10 Best Holiday Ads of 2015

1) Harvey Nichols | Avoid #GiftFace

Do you have to mentally prepare yourself when opening that present from a certain relative each year? Harvey Nichols wants you to avoid “gift face,” and shows off just how painful the unwrapping of presents can be.  

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2) John Lewis | Man on the Moon

John Lewis doesn’t disappoint this year in an ad about loneliness and how important simple acts of kindness are around the holidays. 

3) Aldi | Now This Is Christmas

The realities of the holiday season are typically ignored in advertising, but this commercial makes it a point to remind us that Christmas can be an extreme sport. 

4) Kit Kat | Christmas Break 

This blank ad gives viewers back their sanity during the holidays. 

5) Temptations | Sorry for the Holidays

 Our enthusiasm for the holidays can be overwhelming, especially for our fluffier friends. 

6) The Spanish Lottery | The Greatest Prize Is Sharing

The main character, a security guard, brings joy to his co-workers by using the factory’s mannequins for playful displays and game, and they repay him by sharing their lottery winnings.


7) Sainsbury’s | Mog’s Christmas Calamity

Mog, a popular children’s book character in the U.K., gets into mischief and almost ruins Christmas. 

8) Norton | Bah-Humbug

This series of three videos, which are running online alongside native content, follow Santa and his son Kris Jr. dealing with a computer virus — a “bah-humbug” — that destroyed the naughty or nice list. 

9) Coca-Cola | A Bridge for Santa

A father works to make his son’s Christmas wish come true. 

10) BBC One | Sprout Boy

This charming piece follows a sprout, looking for a group of friends to share the holidays with. 

What were your favorite ads of the holiday season? Let us know in the comments below.

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