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150 Years of the Best Holiday Marketing Campaigns [Infographic]

November 15, 2016 Admin Wordpress 0

Despite changing demographics and consumer behaviors, the holiday season remains one of the more influential times of year to launch a campaign and seal it into holiday memory for years to come.

To do that, though, your brand needs to come up with something seriously innovative, engaging, and interesting — something that’ll resonate with your customers.

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26 Clever Ideas for Marketing Over the Holidays [Free Guide]

November 4, 2016 Admin Wordpress 0

No matter what sector you’re in, the holiday season is a time when marketers can drive new sales, attract new customers, and create valuable promotional deals. 

With all of that opportunity comes the need for extra marketing efforts around the holidays. But it’s not enough just to execute deals like every other brand out there — holiday sales also bring holiday noise, so it’s essential that your marketing efforts to stand out from the crowd. 

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The Guide to Ecommerce Holiday Success [Part One]

September 23, 2016 Admin Wordpress 0

Pumpkin spice is reappearing on menus and fantasy football is now the hottest hallway topic – fall is finally here. With the change in the leaves comes the inevitable countdown to Cyber Monday for ecommerce marketers.

In 2015, one out of every six dollars spent over the holiday season was spent online.

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5 Sales Tax Tips to Carry You Through to the New Year

December 30, 2015 Admin Wordpress 0

The sheer volume of sales you experience during the holiday season could put you in a very different situation during tax season next year. There are several considerations you’ll have to keep in mind, such as an increase in revenue, locations where you or other staff members work, and potential exemptions. These tips won’t make up for advice from an accountant, but these are some things to keep in mind when dealing with sales tax.

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24 Iconic Santa Claus Advertisements From the Past 100 Years

December 24, 2015 Admin Wordpress 0

When you think of Santa Claus, we’re willing to bet that words like “jolly,” “bearded,” and “rosy-cheeked” come to mind. After all, that’s the image of Santa many of us — regardless of age — have grown to know and love, right?

The mall Santa that our parents forced us to take an annual photo with (despite the trauma it caused). The Santa we watched Tim Allen transform into in the first installment of The Santa Clause trilogy. And the Santa we’ve seen used in countless holiday advertisements — from Coca-Cola to Kodak. 

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5 Ecommerce Companies Using Content Wisely this Holiday Season

December 23, 2015 Admin Wordpress 0

Content marketing is so much more than a business blog, but many forget that little fact when trying to boost their business. When the holidays roll around, there are only so many blogs you can write, right? This is when you really need the reminder that content actually means anything your customers will consume, including social media, videos, images, and even sounds.

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How to Turn First-Time Holiday Buyers into Loyal Customers

December 21, 2015 Admin Wordpress 0

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—when all of your current customers are joined by brand new buyers hoping to find something for the ones they love. This is the beauty of the holiday season, but only if you managed to make those brand new customers stick around in the New Year. If you’re settling for a bump in sales in November and December, then you’re really missing out on the true gift.

So, how can you make that one-time buyer your new best friend? Let’s take a look.

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6 Holiday Offers For Your Ecommerce Company That Don’t Include Discounts

December 18, 2015 Admin Wordpress 0

When it comes to discounts and coupons during the holiday season, it seems like everyone is doing it. If retail giants are knocking a big percentage off their prices, a small ecommerce company like yours must do the same to keep up, right?

The problem with discounts and dollar savings is that your new lower prices might confuse buyers. See, if they get a great deal on your products now, they won’t want to pay the higher regular prices when they return. The value of your products will be firmly set at the lower amount. And that’s no good, is it? So, what can you do to keep up with the big box giants without offering discounts? Believe it or not, the options are endless.

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4 Tips for Competing with Mega Stores This Holiday Season

December 16, 2015 Admin Wordpress 0

Would you believe that 15% of midsize businesses won’t spend any additional marketing money this holiday season? When you consider that many of the efforts made will place them up against some of the biggest names in ecommerce, it’s easy to see why they’d rather just go along with business as usual. To compete with the big guys, you’d have to have a mega budget for promotions. Or, you could try some of these tips and stay in the game.

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Retarget Lost Customers During the Holiday Season to Drive Sales

December 15, 2015 Admin Wordpress 0

This holiday season, you’re probably focused on reaching new customers and reeling them in with dazzling specials. Reaching out to holiday shoppers who need your help making good decisions on purchases for others is a great way to boost your bottom line, but what about all those shoppers who went before? What about the buyers you reached out to last holiday season but then never heard from again?