Over a million subscribers. Five hundred thousand followers on social media. Oprah’s favorite newsletter. 

These things didn’t seem like an achievable reality when Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin quit their jobs at NBC News to start theSkimm. With only two months of savings and zero experience starting a business, they weren’t sure what was in store for their startup.

Since then, theSkimm’s become hugely successful. Their straightforward take on news helps over a million people — including Oprah — start their day.

Whether you’re one of the millions subscribed to theSkimm and want to learn how they’ve built the business (hint: It took a lot of guts and white wine), or you’re curious about how they’ve turned an email newsletter into a brand that people can’t stop talking about, you don’t want to miss this episode of The Growth Show.

Danielle and Carly join Mike to talk about:

  • Quitting their jobs with no money or entrepreneurial experience to work on theSkimm full-time
  • What they did to grow to one million email subscribers (including some of the things that didn’t work)
  • Their experience raising venture capital as first-time founders
  • How they’re working to turn news and information into a lifestyle brand
  • theSkimmbassador program, which accounted for 10% of their growth last year
  • What you can expect to see from theSkimm over the next five years

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