When I was a kid, I remember practicing my signature in a pocket-sized composition notebook in case I got famous one day. I’d scribble down different variations — some sharp and nearly illegible, others wispy and over-sized. 

At the time I hadn’t put much thought into what the style of my signature said about my personality, but as it turns out, signature analysis is actually a real thing. 

However, with the e-signature industry on the rise, it appears that people aren’t putting the pen to the paper as often as they used to. So to honor the slowly diminishing life of the handwritten John Handcock, we uncovered this infographic from myprint247 that analyzes the signatures of 25 top tech entrepreneurs. 

From Bill Gate’s large and confident capital letters to Mark Zuckerberg’s private initial-based approach, this infographic aims to illustrate that there’s a lot more to your signature than meets the eye. 


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