You meticulously tweaked your resume until it was 100% perfect. You spent hours writing (and rewriting) a compelling cover letter. You researched and prepped for that phone screen — and knocked it out of the park. Now, you’re getting ready for an in-person job interview. How do you prepare?

Turns out, what you do on the day of the interview will contribute a lot to how well you do in the interview itself. For example, how much sleep did you get? What are you planning to wear? And what are you going to eat to make sure your mind and body are properly fueled?

When you eat well-balanced, nutritional meals and snacks before your interview, you’ll feel more alert and focused, be able to recall facts and experiences more easily, and will generally be more equipped to impress your interviewers.

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So, what are the best things to eat before a job interview? Check out the infographic below from StandOut CV to learn the best foods to eat (and why), which foods to avoid, and some ideas for tasty, brain-boosting meals. (And read this blog post to learn more about the best foods for high productivity.)


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