Ah, the start of a fresh quarter — a time when setting realistic and attainable goals is at the top of every leader’s to-do list.

To help you stay organized and focused through all of your January priorities, we’ve gathered a complete collection of executive tools in our latest guide: 2016 Kickoff Kit for Marketing Leaders.

Included in this guide, the Growth of Inbound Report will help you communicate your goals with valuable insight from a diverse collection of global marketers. Once you determine the year’s targets, use the 8 Budget Templates to manage your marketing spend at a monthly and quarterly level. In this offer, you’ll have access to the templates in both Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. 

As you build out your budget, you may begin to see some holes in your team. Use our 29 Job Descriptions for Hiring Excellent Marketers to identify what positions you might be missing and easily copy-and-paste descriptions into your next job listing. 

Finally, start this year with a commitment to higher quality training for your team. In our Top Training Needs for Marketing Teams report, we’ve compiled the questions marketers miss most from our Inbound Marketing Certification test and provided a refresher for the sections that proved most difficult. As you prepare your decks for the training sessions, use our beautiful PowerPoint templates to ensure your presentations are engaging and impactful. 

Sounds too good to be true? It’s not. For access to all of these resources, download our 2016 Kickoff Kit for Marketing Leaders today.

free toolkit for marketing leaders

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