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Oftentimes, turning an idea for an advertising campaign into reality isn’t exactly simple. Among other things, you must get buy-in from other teams, earn approval from bosses and executives, negotiate your budget, and present a clear path for return on investment (ROI). The best way to clearly present your proposal,Continue Reading

Studio Fortunes Premium Website Promotion Platform

Studio Fortunes Premium Website Promotion Platform. Our PRO Traffic Exchange is a Unique Global Advertising System with free Advertising, Tools & Resources to market your Business. Do you want high volumes of traffic to your websites ? Want to see your website hits soar ?.. Want a successful website withoutContinue Reading

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The beauty industry was built by women and men from modest backgrounds. They were door-to-door sales people, wig makers, and chemists who grew their empires during a period of changing attitudes on beauty and women’s role in public. 

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