canva-blog-post.pngVisual content: We all know we need it … but many of us don’t have the skills, tools, or knowledge of how to do it well. 

Since 2013, Canva’s been on a mission to change that. Turns out, it’s working. Two years after launching, the company has nearly seven million users, and it’s growing by 30K users each week day.

And the marketing world isn’t the only one that’s noticed this company’s incredible growth. Recently, Canva’s landed investments from two Hollywood stars: Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson.

On this episode of The Growth Show, Canva’s co-founder, Cliff Obrecht, and its head of growth, Andre Pinantoan, join us to talk about some of Canva’s growth secrets. Some episode highlights include:

  • Why Canva didn’t launch an MVP at first
  • How Canva’s organizational structure is set up for growth
  • The story of how they landed Woody Harrelson as an investor
  • Andre and Cliff’s tips for being more productive

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