Okay, friends. Who here loves email marketing data? Give us a virtual hand raise.

Yep, that’s pretty much everyone. We all love watching the performance of our content — the good and the bad. What was our open rate? Clickthrough rate? Our unsubscribe rate? These numbers help us improve our email marketing campaigns.

But then we return to our own inbox. We’re sending emails to individuals instead of large lists, and suddenly we lose all that insight. Did that company we’re trying to partner with read our proposal? Did our manager open that email we sent two days ago? How about that reporter with your latest pitch? 

Fortunately, with email tracking, you can geek out over the same metrics in your personal email that you watch for in your marketing campaigns.

Click through the SlideShare below to learn more about email tracking and how you can try it for free today.

how to write better email subject lines

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