When you ask many startup founders about why their idea took off, they’ll often attribute it to hard work or some revolutionary way of thinking. 

Darren Rowse isn’t one of those founders. The creator of Problogger and Digital Photography School firmly believes that luck plays a crucial role in whether your idea takes off — or tanks.

Darren’s lucky moment happened in 2002. A friend sent him an email, telling him all about this thing called “blogging.” Darren decided to see what the fuss was all about.

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Today, his websites reach over five million readers every single month.

This week on The Growth Show, Darren joins us to chat about the role luck plays when you’re starting something new. Some episode highlights include:

  • How Darren finds time to blog every day (2:48)
  • Why the luckiest people love to learn (6:17)
  • The importance of developing a constant backlog of experiments (9:10)
  • Why you shouldn’t ignore the little things when it comes to unlocking growth (10:28)

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This is the final episode in a series of interviews we recorded live at INBOUND 2015. Also, check out the latest recaps of The Growth Show episodes by clicking here.

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