For many people, myself included, the prospect of performing in an improv show is downright terrifying. What could be worse than having to get up in front of an expectant audience with no lines, no plan, and no idea what your fellow performers are going to say?

But if you’re willing to step out of your comfort zone, there’s actually a lot that you can learn from improv. It can teach you how to react and adapt to new situations. It can teach you how to become a better listener. And perhaps most importantly, it can teach you how to stop fearing failure.

How, exactly? In his INBOUND15 Bold Talk, Dave Delaney, seasoned improv performer and author of New Business Networking, talks about how improvisation can improve your networking, creativity, communication, teamwork, and leadership skills. Check out his Bold Talk in the YouTube Video below. (And click here to browse more Bold Talks.)

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