salary-grader-blogHave you ever wondered how much other marketers out there are making?

What about the marketers working right alongside you? How much are they making? More than you?

While discussing salaries is kind of a taboo subject in the U.S., it’s perfectly normal to be curious about how your salary compares to that of other marketers. (Trust me, we think about it too.)

And although we can’t answer those questions directly for you, we have come up with a way to get a general sense of how your salary stacks up. 

Introducing the Marketing Salary Grader

HubSpot’s Marketing Salary Grader makes its calculations using self-reported data collected from marketers across the country.

By cross-referencing your salary with criteria including years of experience, education level, and company size, we can show you what percentile your salary puts you in compared to marketers with similar characteristics.

These salary “grades” are adjusted based on location to account for geographic salary variances. This puts everyone on a more even playing field, since the same salary can be considered more or less valuable depending on an area’s cost of living.


That being said, salary grading is not an exact science. When you’re exploring the tool, keep in mind that it was created for your amusement and to pique your curiosity.

What do you think about the new Marketing Salary Grader tool? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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