Many organizations know that building a brand identity is critical for any business. That brand identity includes what your brand says and what its values are. But how many of these organizations actually deliver on their brand promise?

Not nearly enough, according to a study on brand experience by Brandworkz and CIM. The study surveyed 2,200 marketing leaders all over the world about the challenges, opportunities, and best practices for aligning brand promise and customer experience.

What they found was that only 53% of respondents said their organization had internal-external brand alignment, and only 37% believe all employees understand how they can deliver the brand promise to the customer. Even though most organizations promote brand experience internally, they aren’t delivering that brand promise to their customers.

But the staff themselves aren’t necessarily to blame: They also found that many senior leaders don’t appreciate the power of brand, and don’t train folks to prioritize it.

Check out the infographic below from MarketingProfs to learn more about the findings of this study. It covers how marketers around the world feel about brand alignment in their organizations, why aligning your employees behind your brand is crucial, where organizations might be able to improve, and more.

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