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4 Common A/B Testing Mistakes (And How to Fix Them)

November 22, 2016 Admin Wordpress 0

When you’re creating content for the web, it’s easy to make assumptions about what you think your audience might respond to — but that’s not necessarily the right mentality.

Enter A/B testing: one of the easiest and most popular forms of conversion rate optimization (CRO) testing known to marketers. And while many businesses have seen the value in using this type of validation to improve their decision making, others have tried it, only to be left with inconclusive results — which is frustrating, to say the least.

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Why Data Is The Real MVP: 7 Examples of Data-Driven Storytelling by Leading Brands

November 21, 2016 Admin Wordpress 0

Data-driven content strategies are a hot marketing industry trend at the moment, but this is a trend that has some legs. After all, why not make all the data you gather from current and potential customers work for you?

You see, data is the real MVP of marketing: It can be used to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns, track the overall health of your brand, and (when used properly) it can help to spark new content ideas.

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How to Run a Competitor Analysis [Free Guide]

November 18, 2016 Admin Wordpress 0

When was the last time you performed a competitor analysis for your brand?

Too often, a competitor analysis is reserved for the early days of a company or the launch of a new product. For others, analyzing the competition doesn’t go further than scrolling through their social media accounts every morning.

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Facebook’s Miscalculated Metrics: What Marketers Need to Know

November 17, 2016 Admin Wordpress 0

Over the past couple of months, you may have heard some things about Facebook’s metrics.

There was talk of numbers — lots of them. Things were overestimated. Others were underestimated. People were kind of upset. But mostly, they were confused. What the heck happened? How was Facebook going to respond? And at the end of the day, what did it mean for marketers? Breathe, and don’t panic — we’re here to answer all of that.

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How to Create an Excel Pivot Table With Medians

October 13, 2016 Admin Wordpress 0

As a marketer, you already know that Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool for sorting, analyzing, and sharing data. Trouble is, some of the most beneficial formulas are really tough to figure out — even for us data-crunchers. 

For example, we’ve walked through the steps of how to create a pivot table before, but unfortunately pivot tables don’t compute median values, which can be highly useful information with which organizations can analyze their growth.

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What’s the Deal With Ad Blocking? 11 Stats You Need to Know

July 22, 2016 Admin Wordpress 0

It’s no secret that internet users are no strangers to seeking out the information they need online — in fact, Google now processes over 40,000 search queries every second.

And as the volume of search queries continues to climb, advertisers are recognizing an opportunity to introduce a number of different types of ads. (Think: pop-up ads, autoplaying video ads, and the dreaded mobile ad that takes up the entire phone screen.)

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12 Tips for Writing Clickable Search Ad Copy

July 7, 2016 Admin Wordpress 0

Content creation is an essential part of a marketer’s day-to-day job. From drafting ebooks to promoting webinars, we have to be creative and concise with our writing in order to engage our audience.

However, finding the right words can be tough — especially when there is limited space.

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Data Journalism: A Simple Guide for Marketers

June 22, 2016 Admin Wordpress 0

For as long as we can remember, newsrooms have used data to support their stories. Whether it’s elections, global warming, or Oscar predictions, writers and reporters dig deep for facts and statistics that’ll add credibility to their claims.

However, in recent years, data journalism has become the norm in almost every industry.