Most of us know that learning to write can be a painful process.

You spend hours honing a piece that you hope and pray will be good. You get it to a point where you think it’s passable, and then pass it off to a friend or colleague for editing and feedback help. 

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They send back their comments. (Sometimes, they’re harsh … but you know it’ll make you a better writer.) You make changes to your piece. Then, you rinse and repeat with new pieces until you’re consistently producing high quality work.

This whole process isn’t easy — nor is it quick. But what if technology could speed it up — without sacrificing the quality of feedback needed to grow as a writer?

That’s precisely what WriteLab is trying to build. Using algorithms and machine learning, their tool analyzes someone’s writing and gives the writer tips on how to improve it.

On this episode of The Growth Show, WriteLab’s Co-Founder & CEO Matthew Ramirez joins HubSpot’s CMO Kipp Bodnar to talk about the lessons and challenges his company has encountered when addressing such an audacious — and important — problem.

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