A well-executed survey has the power to uncover insights that you can use to hone your strategy, shape your product, gauge customer satisfaction, and more. 

While it’s temping to share your findings right away, sometimes it’s better to pause and reflect. By taking time to find the story in your data, you might find a way to share your findings that is far more valuable than a bunch of jumbled stats and takeaways. 

One great way to present your data? By way of an infographic. Even if the data itself is complex and overwhelming, when you create an infographic, you’re forced to illustrate that information in a manageable, digestible visual that your audience can easily grasp. (Download our free infographic templates to get started.)

To walk you through the process, the folks at Venngage created the infographic below. They’ve outlined a ton of helpful design tips and tricks to keep you on the right track.

15 free infographic templates in powerpoint

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