Ever wanted to write out a word, but realized you weren’t quiiite sure how to spell it? We all face this challenge every once in a while, and the internet — or autocorrect — isn’t always there to save the day.

This is when we need to put ourselves in the shoes of a spelling bee contestant. When they’re up on stage and encounter a word they don’t know how to spell, what do they do?

Spelling is an important business skill. “English spelling is often confusing and seems illogical, but proper spelling serves many good purposes,” writes Mignon Fogarty, also known as “Grammar Girl.” Not only does it give you more credibility in the workplace, it also makes your writing more clear for readers and ensures everyone’s on the same page.

To help you sharpen your skills, we teamed up with the folks at Market Domination Media to create an infographic that explores four helpful techniques for spelling words you don’t know. Check them out, practice them, and soon you’ll be spelling new words correctly the first time — every time.

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<p><strong>Please include attribution to http://blog.hubspot.com with this graphic.</strong><br /><br /><a href=’http://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/spelling-techniques-patterns’><img src=’http://cdn2.hubspot.net/hubfs/53/spelling-words-infographic.jpg’ alt=’spelling-words-infographic’ width=’669px’ border=’0′ /></a></p>

Which spelling technique is your favorite? Do you have any more to add to this list? Share with us in the comments.

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