If you’re anything like me, you’re consistently working out of at least 20 browser tabs, four journals, a yellow legal pad or two, and a myriad of Post-it notes stuck around your computer monitor.

To the average overseer, it’s nothing short of chaos. But for me, there’s a system … at least, that’s what I tell myself. 

Nonetheless, my muddled system transforms dramatically when I work with a team. I understand the need for organization and structure for collaboration to function, nearly to the point of obsession. 

This, of course, could not be more necessary than with managing a blog. Without a mutually-agreed upon system for planning upcoming posts, you’ll find yourself in a pile of missed deadlines, unedited blog posts, and a fair amount of team tension. 

Here’s where we come in. With our free Blog Editorial Calendar Templates, you’ll be able to organize, categorize, and color code to your heart’s delight. Use these templates to target the right readers, optimize posts with the best keywords, and pair each topic with a killer call-to-action. 

In this download, we’ve included three different templates for you to choose from. Why threeWe recognize that not all content teams are the same. While some feel most efficient with a centralized editorial calendar solution, others may need the gentle push of an upcoming deadline right on their personal calendar. Therefore, you’ll have access to all three templates in Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, and Google Calendar.

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To help you implement your new editorial calendar faster, we’ve also included instructions for each template and expert blog management tips. With a little customization, your blog calendar will be running smoothly, leaving you time to be the content-writing, lead-generating machine you strive to be.

Ready to rethink the way you approach blogging? For access to all three formats, download our Blog Editorial Calendar Templates.

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