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The Fear Factor … how it drives societies and ‘our’ world

The Fear Factor …

we just love (to) FEAR don’t we??


Fear in it’s original form is a primal emotion / instinct that has served us well in the period(s) of our development into our societies current level of abundance, intelligence, sophistication etc etc or what we now know as the human race.

In our current situation and in most societies we have little to no use for this emotion / instinct
yet our daily lifes overflow with it.

fear of death, fear of life, abandonement, exclusion, inclusion, rejection, judgement etc..etc..
And ofcourse we can’t forget the scary carnival attractions aka ‘rides’ like the Haunted Houses, Roller Coasters etc.. etc.. but these are fears we have cleverly turned into entertainment
so technically they are irrelevant to this story..

My point in this is that amongst those things we fear we also find CHAOS. A lot of people are afraid of chaos and much like a lot of all the other things we fear, our fear of chaos is totally irrational, unsubstantiated and just straight up a figment of our imagination, which some institutions have cleverly utilised to prey on us! (think enforcement agencies, insurance, taxes etc..)

We have been lead to believe that there is such a thing as chaos and when it ensues all ‘hell will break loose’ when the fact of the matter is; there is no such thing as chaos, what we perceive and conceive as being chaos is merely the absence of knowledge.

There is no chaos, just because we don’t know or understand ‘the’ or any order of ‘things’ does not imply or mean there is none…  😉 Sure at times events and matters may seem without any ‘logical’ order, unjust and sometimes even downright cruel to us like it is

So why do we feel the need to impose our sense of order on things when we clearly have to admit that we still don’t have a fucking clue as to how this ‘thing’ we live in is arranged…

and with thing I mean energy grid, world, universe, cosmos, multiverse whatever and however you wish to categorise that shit…

No Doubt … No Fear … No End