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Have you been thinking about getting into The Bitcoin or Altcoin ‘Game’?

As the Digital Crypto Currencies are making their entrance into everyday life more and more people are starting to take an interest in them. A lot of Industry Experts have stepped in and created all kinds of great Hardware (ASIC’s), Tablet & Telephone Apps, and (PC) Software to get into the CryptoCurrency ‘Game’ to make a profit. Now for all of us regular folks that do not have an intimate knowledge of all the technical details and ‘mechanics’ it can sure be an overwhelming experience once you ‘get your feet wet’ so to say …

For the past 4 Years there has been a Program / Website called Minergate that has done a great job at cutting through all the technical hassle to bring you a 1 Click ‘Gateway’ to your own private ‘little’ mining operation ! They created a very intuitive Graphical User Interface that let’s you view all the neccesary information about the different coins you can mine at a glance and give you the opportunity to start mining your preferred Cryptocurrency Coin with 1 click or tap on your Tablet or Phone’s screen.

So if you have been on the fence about getting into the Cryptocurrency Market now is your chance to get started with this super easy method that Minergate provides. If this is something you are interested in then please read on and follow the instructions below :

Minergate brings the world of Crypto Currencies closer to you with :

Smart Multi Coin Mining Pool and 1 Click CPU + GPU GUI-Miner Software!!

Start Mining effectively with your Desktop PC, Laptop or Tablet and squeeze the most out of automining coins with the highest conversion rate on the Market.

MinerGate – The most intuitive cryptocurrency mining pool!

They even have a great referral rewards system in place that will let you rack up even more profits without even ever having to lift a finger or click a button yourself. To take advantage of this referral system all you have to do is signup for your own FREE account through the link I shared above and then you share the link with your friends and followers and make them mine for you! Once they register and start mining, you will be getting up to 75% of our earnings from them. Note that only miners that are online are counted as your active affiliates and bring you profit.

Your affiliate profit

1-20 active affiliates: your profit is 30% of ours

11-30 active affiliates: your profit is 50% of ours

31 and more active affiliates: your profit is 75% of ours

Sharing is caring. Create links for your channels and start gathering your affiliates now!