Simple yet Powerful Advertising and Income System : ITB

New Advertising and Income system based on Bitcoin.
New Advertising and Income system based on Bitcoin.

Infinity Traffic Boost

Infinity Traffic Boost ( ITB ) is a Simple yet Powerful Advertising and Income System that will pay you Bitcoin Daily for surfing and referring others to do the same. What's even better, you can earn larger and larger Bitcoin referral commissions (up to 80%!) on purchases of our Advertising Products (TPO - Traffic Package Options)

Advertising plus Income platfom

Do you have more time than money? Great, we'll show you how to get started fast and start earning right away.

Perhaps you have more money than time? Fantastic, we'll show you how you can earn massive instant pay Bitcoin that we pay you to infinity depth and infinity width.

 " We have designed ITB to provide you with all the benefits of recurring income, infinity depth earnings, top quality advertising for your business and even "On Demand, Instant Commission Withdrawals" that can be paid out in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Lite Coin or Ethereum! "

ITB is an advertising-income platform that provides you with an income opportunity while allowing you to advertise your main product, program or service. This is really so easy and almost effortless, depending on wether you already have a budget to advertise or need to 'work'for it. Either wich way you choose to go, you can't go wrong. ITB actually combines a lot of different internet 'niche markets' ! The following are a few examples of what to expect from ITB when you become a member.

You can SURF ( visit websites ) and earn actual Bitcoin and advertising credits in our system. You can Purchase advertising credits (TPO's) to advertise your products, programs, services and earn larger commissions from your referrals who purchase TPO's.

If you want to Maintain the Highest Commissions possible (Commission Boost Activated) you can do that by surfing (Surf Boost Activated) and purchasing TPOs (Purchase Boost Activated).

Earn by Referring Others

Earn by Referring Others

Earn by Referring Others - This is the real money in the system is. You will earn from their surfing and their TPO purchases. The compensation plan allows you to earn up to 80% commissions to infinity depth and infinity width on ALL 11 TPO Advertising Packages!

Surf - Visit Websites

When you surf (visit websites) in the traffic exchange you not only earn advertising credits but you earn actual Bitcoin! Yes, actual Bitcoin for visiting other members sites. How cool is that?


Surf the Traffic Exchange ;  visit websites from other members in the ITB program

The `Surfer Rewards Pool` is funded with a portion of the advertising purchases and is 100% backed by Bitcoin held by the company. You earn one Surfer Rewards Pool Share for every 10 pages you surf and the number of pages that you can surf to earn shares is determined by your TPO level (more on that below). You can see the payouts for each share (in Satoshi) for the last 30 days by clicking on the blue "Share Value History" button on your main dashboard page...

Traffic Package Options - TPO's

When you buy Advertising Credits (TPO's) you are able to use those credits to advertise your products, services, and programs AND you are able to begin earning up to 80% commissions (Wow!) when your referrals buy TPO's (Traffic Package Options).

There are actually Eleven Traffic Package Options, all priced in Bitcoin and automatically adjusted for Bitcoin price changes, priced from 0.00026 Bitcoin (USD 4.28) to 1 Bitcoin (Ccan you imagine earning an 80% commission on a 1 Bitcoin sale!) To maintain the maximum commissions on as many TPO package sales as possible you need to surf and purchase.

The higher the TPO that you buy the LESS you need to surf. Plus, you are able to earn 80% commissions on the TPO package level that you purchased, PLUS one TPO Level higher.  How cool is that?

Bitcoin Value Chart

Simple yet Powerful Advertising and Income System : ITB


Simple overview of the benefits of creating your Infinity Traffic Boost account, and investing or working the program.

Some simple details to `Get the Picture` :

  1. You earn 30%-80% Commissions on all* directly referred sales on each of the TPO's from 1 to 11.
  2. You earn 80% on all* direct referrals up to the TPO level you have purchased and ONE TPO Level Higher.

Okay, so, the basics are pretty simple. You earn either a 30% or a 80% commission on all* directly referred sales. Yes, even if you are a TPO1 and you refer the largest TPO (purchase price 1 Bitcoin) you would earn 0.3 Bitcoin (30,000,000 Satoshi!)

How do you earn 80% Commissions?

When you make a sale of a TPO at any TPO level up to your TPO level plus one more. (Remember, you need to stay Surf Boost Activated, too).

So, if you are Tier 6 Advertiser (you bought TPO 6) and you make a TPO 4 or a TPO 7 sale (and you are Surf Boost Activated), you will earn 80% Commissions. If you are TPO 6 and you make a TPO 8, 9, 10 or 11 sale you will earn 30% commission.

Hope that makes sense and you can see the power... And it only gets better from here!

Click Here to open your account right now !

Best regards and happy earnings

Admin - Madcashcentral


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