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1 min read

As of just last week, Instagram hit a major milestone: the platform doubled its monthly active users to 500 million in just two short years. What’s more, over half of those monthly users — 300 million, to be exact — are active on the platform daily. That’s a whole lot of action.

All that said, it should come as no surprise that Instagram has become a place of interest for businesses.

8 min read

When you think of lead nurturing, do you think of a series of well-timed, relevant emails to a perfectly segmented audience?

Of course you do. And you would be right. In practice, email is the primary channel for lead nurturing. However, supplementary channels such as paid retargeting also serve as an effective way to gently help an engaged prospect along the buyer’s journey.

1 min read

Facebook has been proven time and time again to be an effective channel for driving traffic to your website, converting visitors into leads, increasing app installations, and generating more Likes for your business Page.

But using Facebook advertising to drive results like these only works if you’re smart about it. The challenge for marketers is knowing how to optimise your Facebook ads to get the most bang for your buck.